Bar bites & cocktail

VANE Skybar


From the icy barren lands to the coziness of the hearthfire
€ 15,00 Peas & Love
Peas, Pisco and Love are the main ingredients of this herbal cocktail. With mint and sage adding a touch of freshness
€ 15,00 Flower Power Spritz
What happens when an Aperol Spritz meets a hippie bartender? You get a flowery drink with notes of roses, Calvados for complexity and cava rosé for bubbles
€ 14,50 On Cloud Nine
Fluffy as a cloud, this cocktail elevates the aromatic notes of our homemade white vermouth. Light and bright, easy to drink (Our low ABV offer)
€ 12,50 Feel The Beet - 0% Mocktail
Get funky and feel the beat with a surprisingly earthy, sweet and sour drink. Beets, alcohol free distillate and Sicilian lemonade for a refreshing sipper


Stretching from the colorful Oriental to the subtle cultures in the East
€ 15,50 Sakura
Take an imaginary walk through the Japanese boulevards surrounded by blossoming cherry trees with this subtle, elegant Martini-style drink, made with floral gin, maraschino cherry liqueur and sake
€ 15,00 Little Miss Sunshine
Intense, pungent and a little spicy. The perfect pairing for some savory food. Curry infused vodka, fennel and anise result in a complex and flavorful drink
€ 15,50 The GGG
Gin, Ginger & Galangal - This drink sure has a lot of G…ood stuff! Refreshing, sweet and sour with a touch of bitter
€ 13,00 Coco Love - 0% Mocktail
For all the coconut lovers out there, this mocktail is for you! A citrusy and botanical alcohol-free distillates as a base, mixed with coconut milk for a refreshing yet tasty drink


The expansive lands of Africa, the breezy Mediterranean and the fruity tropics
€ 16,50 Banananut
A base of rum, coconut and banana will suffice all your needs. Tropical and sweet, with an added herbal note
€ 15,50 Vitamin C
A slow sipper, yet sweet. This cocktail will give you all the vitamins you need, along with all the beauty of citrus fruits. Vieux, Grand Marnier and Amaro Montenegro are some of the protagonists
€ 15,50 Pink Señorita
Tequila Reposado and mixed berries are the main ingredients of this silky textured, fruity and sweet cocktail
€ 13,00 Fragolino - 0% Mocktail
STRAWBERRY! Well that pretty much says it; a sweet and refreshing drink packed with strawberry flavor, with botanical hints to recall forest flavors


The bold and powerful nations, merging cultures from all across the world
Powerful as its namesake, this drink means serious business. Made with South American spirits, Bergamot liqueur and shiso leaf tincture, it is round, complex and boozy
€ 16,00 Hocus Pocus
A twist on a classic cocktail made with the purpose to surprise you! Hibiscus and Rye Vodka coming together for a boozy and acidic drink
€ 15,50 Bisou Bisou
Of French inspiration, this cocktail explores the combination of Hendricks Gin, cucumber, raspberry and Pinot Grigio. Fruity and slightly acidic, elegant yet intense
€ 13,00 Caffetiño - 0% Mocktail
Feel like on the beach of Copacabana with this ginger spiced coffee! Coldbrew, ginger beer, sugar and lime. Guaranteed to quench your thirst


€ 6,00 Kroepoek (V)
With Porcini mushrooms and black garlic
€ 8,00 KFC (V)
Korean fried cauliflower with sweet chili sauce
€ 9,00 Braised beef croquettes
with mustard mayonnaise, 6 pieces
€ 12,00 Dim Sum
Chinese Dumplings, 6 pieces
€ 9,00 Loaded Fries
Truffle mayonnaise, parmesan cheese
€ 14,50 Smoked Salmon
with avocado on toast
€ 27,00 Pata Negra 100 gr.
With sourdough toast
€ 16,00 Pata Negra 50 gr.
With sourdough toast
€ 4,50 Oyster (Per piece)
An Irish oyster with Jameson pastille and lemon foam